Winter Skincare and Routine: Things To Keep In Mind During Winter

I am sure I wouldn’t be the first one to say winter is my favorite season. I find winters to be one of the most cozy and relaxing time of the year. Usually, I gear up my deep relaxation when the first autumn wind caresses my face and the nights become deeper and longer. This season always excites me, the fluffy and cozy winter fashion, the tick-tocking boots, the fluffy scarves and blankets and hot chocolates with the scent of Christmas. It is all merry and snowy!

Winter is beautiful and glistening, but it is dry and patchy. I remember my mother smothering us with oils and lotions and I was too naive to understand skin care back then. Winter in India is dry and pinching, chalky elbows and blotchy skin is just another way of knowing it is time to hoard up all the moisture you can find. This post is going to show you a way to avoid all the winter woes your skin goes through and present your skin some warm and moisturizing love. Read on!

Winter Skincare: Routine

The winter fashion comes with all the fluffy sweaters and coats but surely leaves the face exposed.  As a result the skin becomes dry and blotchy, the weather sucks the moisture out, leaving a drier and paler appearance. Ignoring your skin during winters can present you a nightmare filled with dead, dry and dull skin along with chalky elbows and knees. In order to keep your skin feeling fresh, moisturized and soft, you need to show it some love and here are the ways:

Cleansing and Exfoliating

Thinking about water during winter is hilariously uncomfortable, but Skincare knows no season. Cleansing and exfoliating regularly can save your skin from the dirt and smog. Exfoliation gets rid of the dry and dead skin cells and it can take care of the winter dullness too, giving you a soft and brightened texture. As ‘Tis the season of parties and festivals, wiping your makeup off and sleeping with a clean and clear face can save you from a lot of winter woes.

Facial Oils and Serums

Moisturizing your skin is essential and it ensures the survival of your skin during this dry season and of course, it is necessary for oily skin too! I’ve been indulging in a lot of facial oils and serums lately and I have found they fight half the battle for you! Facial oils are a unique blend of soothing oils that give your skin a new and alive glow. They cleanse, improve blood circulation, clear the texture and provide a dewy look to your skin. They can also help clear acne issues. These oils seep deep into the skin, giving a moisturized a glowy face in return. They embrace and sooth the layers in the skin perfectly, maintaining a nourished healthy barrier from the dry and dropping temperatures. You can also opt for soothing watery serums, they hydrate and plump up the skin, giving you a firm, breathing and younger skin. You can also mix your facial oils with your moisturizers and make up to achieve the dewy finish. Serums and Oils ensure deep moisturization and hydration.

Eye and Lip Masks

Winter season rips the glow out of the skin really fast, making the skin dull and uneven. The skin around the lips and under eyes gets darker and dull too! These areas are sensitive and demand a quick and nourishing care. Lip balms and eye creams surely come to the rescue, but thanks to Korean Beauty, lip masks and eye patches are the new favorites. They soak the skin in watery blend of extracts and serums and keep these sensitive areas moisturized without being too heavy and greasy.

Body butters, oils and Lotions


The skin in the hands and legs dry up and crack during winters if adequate measures aren’t taken. Body oils, butters and lotions work wonder in the hours of need. Do not forget to indulge in a little butter and oil after shower and before you sleep. Moisturizing the skin before you sleep can give you magic results, the skin relaxes and soaks up the goodness and you’ll wake up with soft, moisturized and hydrated skin. Personally, I lather my skin up using the Fabeya Cocoa Butter Cream lately, it holds the moisture and gives a pretty glow for hours.

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Water and Fruits

Even if the water gives you chills, always keep your body hydrated. It will keep your skin breathing and plump. Winter is the season of tangy oranges and pomegranates, munching on these fruits will keep your skin and body healthy and firm. Oranges are packed with vitamin C, they brighten, nourish, plump and heal the skin from the inside and the citric acid also dries the acne. Pomegranates help in ensuring the longevity of the skin by delaying the signs of ageing. Aren’t fruits amazing? (  fact about me: Oranges are my favorite ). You can also make DIY face masks with these fruits!

Sheet masks

Sheet masks aren’t just fancy Korean Skincare tool, they are mini masks packed with fluid miracles, sheet masks in winter can be a gift to your skin, they do seem like a summer-y treat but your skin will love them during winter too! Choose a hydrating and nourishing sheet mask according to your skin type and relax. It will heal, nourish and brighten the skin instantly, the glow lasts for days too! I have an oily and acne prone skin and my personal favorites are Aloe, Vitamin C, Green tea and Tea Tree.  There are hundreds of options available to choose from!

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These are the steps I follow to keep my winter woes at bay! I hope these tips help you too. Let me know your thoughts and favorites below or you can reach me here.


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