Review : Fabeya Cocoa Butter Cream

Autumn is in our doorway and I’m sure a lot of us are in a Halloween and Latte mode! Now it’s time we bring out our cute boots. I’ve always adored the time of September to January, or you can say Autumn to Winter! This is the period we shed what’s old and embrace the new, be it summery tangy refreshing skirts to comfy and warm coats, or a soft face mist to a warm body butter! This is the season of change ladies! So today I’m going to talk about a little change I added in my skin care routine and products.

To be honest, when the winter approaches, I go a little hard on moisturizers and body lotions. But this time, instead of bathing in a body lotion, I decided to try a body butter / cream. I decided to go with this Indian brand Fabeya. I’m impressed by their natural and cruelty free yet affordable skin care ranges! And here are my thoughts / Review :

Texture and Feel


The texture of this cream is thick (like really thicc) and heavy and smothers up in your skin like an actual butter!  It is super soft. The notable thing is the cream is heavy but it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin at all. A pea sized amount goes a long way once you massage it and spread it in your skin evenly. It doesn’t leave a white cast.

  • The moisture and softness stayed up to 6 hours with no touch up! It sinks deep into your skin really fast.
  • It’s not oily at all, leaves the skin breathing and smelling like a choco muffin! (I am not joking!) and is light weight, you can carry it without looking sloppy and greasy even in a sunny day.
  • Leaves a glowy, smoother and softer If you have a dry skin or deal with dry patches in your body, this cream does the job! It can be used in elbows, knees and feet.



This cream has Aqua, Cocoa butter, ISO propyl myristate, Disodium EDTA, Glycerine, Aquapec 505E, Emulgade, Natural Fragrance.

It is not tested on animals and is eco-friendly. It is Paraben free, Sulphate free, Alcohol free, Pthalate and Silicon free.

Cocoa and Shea butter are enriched with moisturizing properties and are heavy and buttery. This cream covers all the dry patch and rough skin issues and fits to every skin type.

Fabeya Cocoa Butter Cream : For All Skin Types


This cream suits all the skin types. It is light and absorbs really well deep into your skin. I have an oily and acne prone skin. Cocoa and shea butters are considered really heavy but this doesn’t clog your skin at all. It keeps it breathing. I use a pea sized amount and also massage my face with it every other night! It leaves you a glowy and smoother skin afterwards. Being an oily girl, I was reluctant to use it on my face, however a little massage improves the skin and I experienced no breakouts.


Its quiet big jar compared to other creams and butters, sealed and packed perfectly. However, as it is pretty huge, it isn’t travel friendly. As the cream is thick, the probability of oozing out of the lead is 0. You’ll also have to dip your fingers inside and scoop out the desired amount! Make sure your hands are clean. It has a shelf life of 36 months from date of manufacturing.

Quantity and Price

You get 340ml of product for 349INR. A little amount of this cream goes a long way and one jar will last you all year!

Ways to Use

  • You can use this cream to massage as it claims to improve blood circulation.
  • As a moisturizer or a night cream, as it is pretty light and I experienced no break outs. It has no SPF so this will not serve as a sunscreen.
  • Can be applied as a foot cream. It restores the moisture and improves the texture of the skin.
  • Good for dry skin and dry skin issues. It heals torn, lifeless, dry and wrinkly skin. (suitable for all skin types)

 My Views and Conclusion


I was reluctant to use a product with cocoa butter as I have an oily and acne prone skin, which makes me quiet picky when it comes to skincare. I experienced no discomfort. It offers a glowy, plump and a soft finish. It moisturizes the driest parts like elbows and knees which we tend to ignore and they become ashy after a while. The quantity is sufficient and the amount of goodness inside is overwhelming and my skin loved it! The aroma is sweet and light. It stays up for a long time without being greasy. The best part is, it will easily top your moisturizer and body butter / lotion list as it is affordable. If you have a dry, coarse and dull skin, I’d gladly recommend this! It is available on amazon. Let me know what you think, you can reach me here.

Note:-  If you experience any discomfort, breakouts, redness or rashes, please refrain from using it and consult a doctor. This review is not sponsored.

Take care of your skin!








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