Fabeya Orange Body Scrub and Polish: Review

The chilling winters are finally here and they bring dry, flaky and rough skin along with some pretty mugs of hot chocolates and marshmallows. I spent most of my teen years in Delhi and I remember my elbows and knees going flaky, scrubbing the dead skin away was quite amusing, it felt like a rebirth of a soft skin. I picked up the tradition of body scrubs from my mother and I follow it pretty religiously. Summer or winters, body scrubs have a soft spot in my heart and I go after them like a toddler longing for a candy!

Considering my love for body scrubs, I recently bought a sweet tangy orange body scrub from Fabeya and here are my thoughts:

Fabeya Orange Body Scrub and Polish: Texture

Oh! When I first opened the jar, I was in for a surprise, the texture of this scrub is so soft, creamy and hydrating carrying a mild orange essence. Finely grained walnut shells add a warm comfortable feeling once you start lathering it up. The aroma is really mild and pleasant.

Price and Quantity


The quantity surely made me happy, it’s a 340ml jar and comes for 349INR.


The tangy goodness comes inside a transparent jar, tightly packed and sealed with steel looking lead. As the jar is quite big, it is not travel friendly. The Fabeya products are quite huge and fulfilling I must say!




Aqua, LLP, IPM, Caprylic Triglyceride, Glycerin, Stearic acid, Carbomer, Disodium EDTA, Walnut Shell, Orange extract and Natural fragrance.

What’s Good?


The fabeya products claim to be free from Paraben, Sulphate, Alcohol, Phthalete, Artificial Colors and Petro chemicals. They have mentioned it really clearly and also claim to be eco-friendly. There are no animal product used and the scrub is perfectly vegetarian. It is also not tested on animals.

How to use?

Scoop out a little and massage your body in a circular motion and rinse off with lukewarm water.

My Experience

The scrub is really soothing and penetrates deep inside your skin. It is not soapy unlike other body scrubs in the market, so you’ll probably miss the bubbles. The softness stays all day and a tangy freshness keeps the skin feeling moist. It is not greasy or oily. This scrub has orange extracts and I also noticed a sleek vibrancy in my pigmented and dry areas of the body. With regular use, I noticed my acne scars fading steadily. I followed up the exfoliating with Fabeya Cocoa Butter Cream for best and bright results. I also used it as a face scrub sometimes as it brings back a lost bounce in the skin. I have an oily and acne prone skin and I faced no discomfort, my skin loved it and embraced it pretty well. It exfoliates deeply as the walnut shells are finely grained and give a warm and soothing experience without stripping the natural oils out of the skin. It is fresh and brightening.

My experience with Fabeya was really pleasing, the products are soft and feel amazing on the skin and the quantity made me happy too. I’ll recommend this if you have dull and flaky skin and wish for something soft yet revitalizing but please do a patch taste if you have a sensitive skin. It is super affordable and a natural cruelty free product, falls under your planned budget completely! You can easily get all the jars full of goodness in amazon or here.

Let me know your thoughts, what are the points do you look for while buying or trying a body scrub? You can reach me here.

Note: The review is completely based on my experience. It is not sponsored. Please seek professional help if you experience any discomfort and refrain from further usage.



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