Biotique Advanced Ayurveda Honey Water: Review

Toners are a part of a good skin care routine. They hydrate, clean and nourish the skin. Toners also help maintaining the P.h balance and seep right into the pores giving a healthy, cool and soothing glow. I remember not paying attention and seeking a proper skin care routine, I used to skip the toner and moisturizing part when I was a teen which resulted in acne havoc on my skin. I used the wrong products and made the situation even worse. I tried and tested a lot of toners, some had high alcohol levels and some were too heavy for my already damaged skin. I got my hands on Biotique Advanced Ayurveda Honey Water and decided to give it a try. Here are my thoughts:


The first thing my skin loved about this toner: watery, light weight and airy drops that sink right into the skin within seconds. It is light enough to be used as face mist. Soft, pink and sparkling droplets hydrate the skin in no time.

Biotique Advanced Ayurveda Honey Water: Price & Quantity

This toner surely is pocket friendly if you’re not into splurging on a high-end skin care brand. Biotique is affordable, you get 120ml for just 175INR! The quantity is enough and lasts really long.



It claims to be a non-cosmetic product and is filled with the goodness of nature. It has:

Maju Phall (gall nut), Aloe vera, Manjistha root, Rose petals, Honey, Carrot seed and Purified fresh water.

I found the ingredients really soothing and soft.  Honey, rose and aloe are pacifying and help carry the freshness for quite a long time.

What’s cool

Biotique Advanced Ayurveda Honey Water comes under the range of affordable skin care, but it is also Organic, Preservative Free and not tested on animals. It should be used within 12 months once it is seal free. It is suitable for all the skin types.


I do not mind a little fragrance in my skin care and makeup but this toner has a really strong and sharp aroma, which I find a little irksome. If you have a sensitive skin which doesn’t reacts well with highly scented skincare and makeup products, I’d recommend a patch test.

My Experience and Recommendations

I have an Oily and Acne prone skin type and this toner embraced my skin pretty well.

  • It kept my skin soft and hydrated. The freshness stayed on my skin for a long time. I used it twice a day with cotton pads.
  • I have experienced no issues so far, it has a really light touch.
  • My oily skin has large pores and it slightly tightened them. However the changes are slow and steady, a regular use can surely bring adequate results.
  • My skin experienced no dryness post usage and found it nourishing.
  • It also left my skin with a soft and glassy glow.
  • I’ll not recommend this if you have broken or wounded skin or active / red and bleeding acne. Please consult a doctor in such cases.
  • I’ll not recommend this toner if your skin reacts highly to perfumed products. Please do a patch test before using.
  • Go for this toner if you’re looking for the combination of tightening and hydration.

I found this toner immensely affordable and my skin was pretty okay with it. It delivers slow and steady results but also comes with the goodness of nature without any animal testing or preservatives. The quantity is decent and reasonable too! However, one has to keep a few things in mind, the sharp fragrance can be a no go for many of us.

Let me know your thoughts, you can reach me here.

Note: This review is not sponsored. The views above are solely based on my experience. Please refrain from using the product if your skin experiences any discomfort.


4 thoughts on “Biotique Advanced Ayurveda Honey Water: Review

  1. I have finished half bottle of this one and later switched to kama Ayurveda’s rose water and Forest essential’s toner again now using KA. This was my first toner and with regular use it helped to reduce oiliness on my skin but other rose water does that for me too and without that strong aroma. I have tried lot of biotique products although they are affordable and they claim to natural but they don’t disclose full ingredients list and because of shelf life I have read comments saying otherwise. I would still use their products. I also have oily and acne prone skin, sensitive too so I hope I find good recommendations from you. Following now!

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    1. I checked for the rumours too! But I didn’t find any. Yes! The aroma is quite strong and I feel it is pretty decent for the price. My skin was okay with it. My quest for amazing and affordable skincare is never going to end! 😀

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    Thank u very much for sharing such a valueable information. Pls continue n give more and more info about. So that I will have the oportunity to impose a new one. Once again thanks.


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