The Magic of Sheet Masks!

So we all know the beauty and skincare industry is now loaded with sheet masks and now they’re widely accepted and cherished by the beauty gurus and skincare experts all around the world. It’s nothing but a mask loaded with magic and wonder a.k.a skinfood. They’re widely used and now are a part of so many skin care routines worldwide.

I was really skeptical about them too! I am a face pack person and I wasn’t really into sheet masks. But then it was about skincare, so I decided to jump in! and here is all the information you need to know about!

Sheet Masks: What makes them Popular?

We know these sheet masks are insanely popular but I just realized they are here to stay. Sheet masks are loaded with those extra goodness and hydration that you skip sometimes in your skincare routine. Unlike facepacks and peel off masks, these masks are really easy to apply. They’ll take no time and there will be no mess. So if you’re having one of those busy days or you’re too tired to deal with the mess of face packs then these sheet masks are blessings for you!

What’s in there?

These sheets are made of gel, paper or fabrics and are soaked in the nutrition your skin needs. The solution a mask is soaked in is known as serum. These serums contain vitamins, minerals and many other beneficial ingredients. They hydrate, cleanse and repair the skin from within!

They give your skin the extra glow and a bounce. These sheet masks are not meant to exfoliate though. They’re convenient and you can put one on your face anytime you like!

How do they work?

When you put a sheet mask on, the nutrients get soaked in your skin, deep in the layers. They repair the cells, rejuvenate and bring out the glow. You’re very likely to feel fresh and your skin will feel nourished and hydrated. That dullness will be gone. The freshness will last throughout the day. If your skin feels really tired and dull after a long day, these sheet masks can lighten up everything! I’d recommend using the sheet masks after wiping your make up off. You can use them before preparing your skin for makeup too. It will provide a soft, cool and clear canvas for the makeup application! All you need to do is just place one mask on your clean face for 20-30 minutes and relax and pat the excess serum softly in a circular motion. You can use them once a week or everyday if you like!

Choosing sheet masks according to your skin type:

There are many kinds of sheet masks available in the beauty industry and there are tons of options but you will have to choose a mask according to your skin type and needs. I have an oily and acne prone skin, so I go for the masks that provide glow, nourishment with not so oily serums. I generally prefer aloe vera and lemon. Lemon sheet masks hydrate and take care of your pigmentation too! If you have acne you can opt for sheet masks that are loaded with the goodness of tree tea oil. Do not opt for something oily or greasy, they can clog your pores and result in breakouts.

If you have a sensitive skin, go for a sheet mask that is not high in acids, as they can sting a little. Sheet masks loaded with the nutrients and extracts of aloe vera and other soothing herbs are good for you. You can even go for the sheet masks that are full of rose extracts, cucumber and jasmine.

People with dry skin can choose the sheet masks that provide nourishment and softness. There are sheet masks that are loaded with the goodness of honey, cucumber, green tea and avocado and rice water.

Sheet masks available in India:

There are tons of sheet masks available in India. You can opt from one of these

  1. The Face Shop

The face shop masks are pretty affordable and there are wide ranges you can easily choose from according to your skin type. There are sheet masks that start from just 100INR to 150INR per sheet. If you are tight on your budget and spent a little extra on your makeup, these are for you! They are loaded with goodness.

  1. Garnier

Garnier recently launched their cute face masks. There range start from 99INR to 200INR each. They’re totally affordable and budget friendly.

garnier via believing in beautyvia Believing In Beauty
  1. Innisfree 
Processed with VSCO with j2 presetvia Google

Innisfree has a wide range of sheet masks too, they start from 100INR. And they have sheet masks ranging from 150INR to 300INR too. There are varieties of options to choose from.

These brands provide sheet masks for every skin type. From natural to clinic solutions, they have it all!


Do not use a sheet mask if you have broken or torn skin, as the serums can sting and leave you with visible redness or worse. Consult a doctor before using them, especially if your skin has wounds.

Read the ingredients and choose the sheet masks carefully and you should know what your skin needs. If you have any allergies, refrain from using a sheet mask. Do not opt for a flavor you’re allergic to.

If you experience any discomfort, peel the sheet mask right away and wash your face with cool water, if you develop any allergies and redness, see a doctor. You should never ignore situations like these.

So these are the benefits of sheet masks you can opt for if you’re running late or just too tired but need some pamper any way. Make sure you follow all the steps and keep in mind the needs of your skin while buying a sheet mask. Dive in, have that pampering girls night with these beauties. Your skin deserves all the love.

If you want to share your experience and suggestions, you can reach me here, let’s be friends.

Take care of your skin.



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