My Sheet Mask Picks: Oily Skin

If you’re an avid reader of my blog or follow my beauty journey on instagram, you’d know how I love and appreciate a little skincare luxury every now and then. Sheet masks have been a part of my routine for a very long time and I’d say my skincare stash is incomplete without them. I’m a huge K-beauty enthusiast and I’ve been trying some new ingredients and Korean brands from the past few months. As TonyMoly entered the Indian Skincare market recently, my skincare stash has been blessed with amazing additions and I came across cute sheet masks too!

Sheet masks are a luxury (I said it!) and why wouldn’t it be? It’s a part of an extravagant Korean Skincare Routine where the hydration and the pore less glow is the key! It’s not a compulsory step but my skin loves the extra hydration and attention. My skin tends to get greasy, dull and dehydrated easily and sheet masks have always been there to save the day! I’ve talked about sheet masks and their functions on this post, give a read if you’re a newbie and want to know more about them!

I tried some new brands and here are my top favourite masks that worked really well on my Oily and Acne Prone skin:

Jumiso Rich Nourishment Sheetmask


Jumiso, a Korean brand recently stepped in the Indian Beauty market a few months ago and I got an opportunity to try out some of their bestsellers. The cute prints caught my attention, they’re lovely! I got to try out the Rich Nourishment Sheet mask enriched with various extracts and niacinamide.

  • The sheet mask comes tightly sealed and packed loaded with excess serum.
  • The serum looks pretty thick, honestly I was concerned and I didn’t know what to expect as I feared the texture of the serum would break my skin out. Surprisingly, as the sheet mask settled, the absorption was amazing and it left no oily traces. Even though the texture is a bit thick, it doesn’t overwhelm the skin at all, provided, you massage your skin well after the application.
  • The sheetmask leaves you with a soft and plump skin with a subtle glow. I didn’t notice any exaggerating brightness, also, it doesn’t claims to give you one, it is just meant for instant nourishment!
  • If you have a dehydrated/ oily/ combination skin, you can give this mask a try! I prefer it at night.
  • You can get this mask from Beauty Barn India and they’re priced at 150INR each. There are other variants available too that cater to different needs.
  • The serum has an extremely light aroma that fades within seconds and is paraben free.
  • Jumiso is NOT a Crueltyfree Brand.

TonyMoly: I’m Seaweed Skin Purifying Sheet Mask

Tonymoly has a wide range of skincare products and sheet masks addressing different needs. I tried the seaweed one and here are my thoughts:


  • The sheetmask was immensely hydrating. It felt really gentle and soothing on my skin.
  • The serum has water like, light and runny texture which is highly appropriate for an Oily greasy skin. It left my skin feeling soft, plump and hydrated without any oily trace.
  • The sheetmask instantly plumps the skin up but I didn’t notice any glow or a beaming brightness. It is just like any other normal sheet mask, if you’re looking for a night time hydration without all that icky greasy mess, give this a try!
  • I believe, it is good for normal/ oily skin and can be a bit drying for the dry skin types as the serum is watery.
  • You can get this mask on Nykaa and they’re priced at 100INR each.
  • Tonymoly is NOT a Crueltyfree Brand.


Nykaa Skin Secrets Black Mud + Aloe Vera Sheet Mask

Nykaa’s sheet masks combine Indian Beauty ingredients with Korean Beauty methods. This sheet mask is meant to purify and hydrate and my skin loved it!

  • The sheetmask was tightly sealed and packed with excess serum and it was gentle and light on my oily and acne prone skin.
  • The serum has a light, gentle, watery and soothing consistency and doesn’t weighs the skin down. It is a good option for a troubled oily skin.
  • It left my skin refreshed and soft with a subtle glow that stays for a day. It is hydrating, but can be a little drying for people with dry skin types. If you have a dehydrated skin, give this a try!
  • You can get this mask on Nykaa and they’re priced at 100INR each with varieties to choose from.
  • Nykaa is a Cruelty Free brand and the sheet masks claim to have no harmful chemicals.

Nykaa Skin Secrets Rice + Camelia Sheet Mask


  • My skin reacts well with rice and that’s why I thought of giving this variant a try, this mask left my skin feeling soft and nourished with a hint of glow. I didn’t notice any major radiance as it claims to offer, just a subtle glow that lasts a few hours.
  • The serum was light, slippery and thin and it didn’t leave my skin feeling heavy at all. It is moisturizing and can work for dry/ combination skin types too! If you’ve tried products with rice extracts before and they’ve worked well, you can try this out! Go for this mask if you deal with dullness.
  • Just like the other Nykaa sheet masks, this variant is also priced at 100INR and is cruelty and paraben free.

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Overall, these sheet masks are a good option for an instant hydration boost! I didn’t experience any discomfort or breakouts after using them, they’re extremely gentle and suitable for Oily skin types. If you’re into Korean Skincare and Beauty too, subscribe to my blog and follow my instagram for more updates.

NOTE- This review is solely based on my experience. This review is not sponsored. If you experience any discomfort, refrain from further usage and please seek professional help.



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