The Goodness of Rosewater!

Rosewater has been used for ages, for skincare, treatments, in cuisines and medicinally too! Roses have been used to convey love for centuries and today we’re going to do the same, we’re going to love our skin and nourish it with the touch of The Rose Water.

I have a really oily skin and I am prone to pimples and acne too! I have been using rose water and other herbs ( which I’ll write about later) and have seen a drastic change on my skin and the pores, magically, the acne production on my skin decreased subsequently.

So what a flower can do to minimize your pores, acne and ageing? Actually it can do everything! Rose is like a bumper skincare treatment in itself. So let me share you the ways, it helped my skin and hydrated it!

  • So this sweet smelling flower has very amazing properties in it! Rose has the antimicrobial and anti bacterial properties that help soothing the painful acne and bacterial build up inside the pores. Our pores are filled with nasty things and rose water cleans it up and makes it all clear!
  • When the acne and pimples finally excuse our faces, I’m sure many of us deal with scars. If you have popped some, you’re most likely to see them. Rose water fades the scars, if you use it religiously, it will hydrate your skin and fade the scars slowly. It is a slow process and you need to have some patience if you do not want chemicals on your face and would love to go natural!
  • Is rose water good for other skin types? Yes! Rose water can be used on any skin type as it is really gentle. It will not irritate your skin at all! It maintains your pH balance and calms it down with all the goodness!

There are innumerable ways to use Rose water, it goes with anything!

  • You can use Rose water as a toner, it will clean up your pores and will get rid of oiliness on your face. Excessive oil and trapped dirt and bacteria inside your pores give a good environment to pimples and popping them is not the good thing to do! Rose water will not dry your skin out. It works as a toner and moisturizer.
  • You can add rose water in your under eye cream before you sleep or after you wake up. It helps reducing the puffiness under your eye and helps you look healthy and takes care of the delicate skin.
  • Rosewater makes an excellent makeup remover, just dab some on a cotton pad and swipe! It will not be harsh on your skin as it is gentle!
  • Dehydrated skin gets you fine lines, wrinkles, roughness, large pores, pimples, puffiness and rashes. Rose water hydrates your skin and gives it that long lost glow and firms the skin up!
  • The sweet smell of rose can enhance your mood and help you get a good sleep. Spray some on your pillows.
  • You can use rose water as a face mist too!

You can get rosewater anywhere, it comes pretty cheap! Or you can DIY too! It is cheap, vegetarian and natural.

DIY Rose Water

rose water


  • Take some rose petals, make sure they are fresh and rinse them slowly to get rid of the dirt and pesticides.
  • Fill a glass jar with some lukewarm water and add the petals in. Use distilled water, tap water is not recommended. Make sure the jar is clean too!
  • Stir it up and let it cool down. Filter the water up and remove the rose petals after 30 minutes.

Move the rose water in some other container or bottle if you please. You can pour it in a spray bottle with some essential oils to use it as a face mist too!

So the deal is you have to use it regularly, you should never skip your skin care routines, as it can delay the process. Make sure your hands are clean before you touch your face! You can share your before and after pictures with me here! Let me know if it helped you!

Take care of your skin pretty thing! You deserve it!



4 thoughts on “The Goodness of Rosewater!

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    1. Kama ayurveda is pricey, I haven’t tried that out yet. DIY rose waters are healthy too! And you can also add extra goodness if you feel like, I mix it with aloe, it really helps calming your skin down after a long day!

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