Review : Vya Naturals Rose Balancing Face Scrub – Oily Skin

I cannot imagine my weekly skincare routine without a deep, soothing exfoliation that get rids of all the dirt and grimes harboring on the top of my skin. Exfoliation plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy, clean and firm skin but only if you do it right!

Exfoliation with harsh scrubs can damage the skin, I have learnt walnut scrubs are extremely harsh on skin in the long run. They cause micro tears on your skin accelerating the ageing and dullness and they can also make your acne worse. The fact was scary, as I have spent most of my teen years scrubbing away the blackheads and acne with scrubs full of walnut granules. I learnt more about exfoliation using gentle ingredients and came across Vya Naturals Rose Balancing Face Scrub. I had already tried a sample by IKINAKI which was highly impressive.

As I have an oily skin, it is easier for my skin to trap in dirt like a Venus fly trap, which is why I focus on exfoliating twice a week. Vya Naturals Rose Balancing Face Scrub is loaded with the softness of oats and roses is a perfect gentle physical exfoliator! It is a good option if you’re still figuring out the process of chemical exfoliation.

I love oatmeal ( duh! I even named my blog after it ) and they’re amazing for your skin and body. Oats soak the excess oil out of your skin and get rid of the dead skin cells, without stripping or making it dry! They’re considered as natural cleansers. They’re safe and gentle! Here are my thoughts on the face scrub:


The scrub comes in a tightly packed and sealed plastic tub with a sliding cap. I’d not consider it travel friendly but it isn’t huge either. But if you do plan to travel with it, I’d say it is pretty safe as it is tightly sealed and has no risk of spillage.

Texture & Aroma


The texture is smooth and soft. Rose petals and oatmeal are finely powdered and you can even spot tiny petals in between the white texture! It is thick, luxurious and smells sweet. The fragrance can be a little overwhelming for people who dislike scented skincare products, however, it slowly fades away in minutes.

Price and Quantity

You get 60gms of goodness for 595INR. It lasts really long as you need just a tea spoon of scrub for your entire face. A little goes a long way!


The detailed ingredient list is mentioned in the packaging:

Oatmeal Powder, Milk Powder, Rose Petals, Corn Starch, Neem Leaves, Geranium Oil

What’s Good?

Vya Naturals Rose Balancing Face Scrub is Cruelty Free, Paraben and Sulphate Free.

How to Use : Vya Naturals Rose Balancing Face Scrub

Mix a tea spoon of scrub with a toner or milk and form a paste, apply it on a cleansed skin and gently scrub and rinse off in a circular motion after 10 minutes.


As I have an Oily and Acne Prone skin, I love to use it with rose water which adds an extra boost of hydration. If you have a super dry skin, mixing it with milk can do wonders!

My Experience

I’ve been using this scrub for months now and I took a lot of time recording my observations and experiences. The scrub was extremely soft and gentle on my acne prone skin. I didn’t experience any discomfort or redness. It made my skin clearer and softer. It easily gets rid of the greasy film on the skin without making the skin dry and tight. It was gentle on the days when I had raging active acne on my face. It is velvety, soft and creamy.

My mother has a combination skin type, as per her experience, it didn’t strip out the moisture from the dry parts of her face after exfoliation. As the scrub is also enriched with milk, it keeps the skin smooth and soft.


Over all, the scrub is highly gentle and worked out wonderfully for me. It is a good option if you prefer physical exfoliation and have an extremely dry/ oily skin. Unlike walnut scrubs, oatmeal actually takes care of your skin.

Where to Shop

You can buy Vya Naturals Rose Balancing Face Scrub from Nykaa or Visit :

Have you tried anything from Vya Naturals? How was your experience? You can reach me here – Instagram & Facebook



Note- This review is solely based on my experience. This review is not sponsored. If you experience any discomfort, please seek professional help.




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