Review: Khadi Mauri Peel Off Mask

So the summer heat is finally up, the beautiful tan lines and pretty skirts are now trending, a cool glass of lemonade and some ice creams is what we actually desire right now! The golden sunlight surely looks beautiful but it’s exhausting! I’ve always been a winter person. I have always changed my skincare routine from time to time, as each season requires a different treatment and care.

As I’ve mentioned, I have an oily skin and it’s prone to acne and summer season for oily skinned beauties out there is a huge NO- NO! The sweat and dirt really destroys the skin and the heat is like the cherry on top! From pigmentation to acne, we have it all!

Sheet masks and peel off masks are like blessings in summer season. Sheet masks hydrate your skin and give your pores a nice cool bath of serum and oils. On the other hand, peel off masks pull out all the trapped dirt and sweat inside your pores within minutes!

So I tried this peel off mask, which is blended with natural ingredients! And these are my thoughts:

Skin type:

So this product is suitable for every skin type out there! It’s good for sensitive skin too! My skin experienced no irritation or distress. It’s relaxing.


It looks watery, but it has a very gummy texture and a very soothing aroma. It doesn’t sting on your skin and you can easily apply it all over your face using your fingers.


Just like other Khadi Mauri products, this peel off mask has simple and clean packaging. It comes in a thin long bottle which I feel isn’t travel friendly but as it’s a liquid, it’s easier to pour out the exact quantity you need! It’s hygienic too!


Pomegranate root extract, Centella Asiatica, Ocimum Sanctum (Indian Basil leaf), Mulberry bark and Cucumber.


Apply this peel off mask on face and neck in a uniform layer and allow it to dry for 20 minutes (I stretch it to 30-35 minutes in case it doesn’t dries up) remove the peel and rinse off face with water.

Price and Quantity:

This product is really affordable. It’s priced at 175INR for 210ml!

My Views:

I rate this product 4.5/5.  It works really well on the skin and gives you an instant radiance and lift. The ingredients, the formula and the texture are great and are perfect for this harsh weather. It tightens up your pores too! However the packaging is not travel friendly. Go for this peel off mask if you’re dealing with dullness and dead skin cells.

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Take care of your skin.



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