Road to Self love


How is life treating you? How was your day? Did you take a good care of your kids? Did you tell your man you love him? Did you give a little kiss to your lady? Most importantly, did you love yourself today? Yes! Self love is a concept many of us need to learn. We are taught so many things but not this.

I’m sure you are dealing with some problems, some issues that you’re too scared to share, some issues that make you cry. We all have been there, we are just too proud to admit. Here are some little tips that I thought could help you amazing people out there. I used to be a very sad and bitter person years ago and one day I just decided to change it all, one day I decided to love myself.

I’m a chubby person, I’d not say fat, just a little curvy, In India, if aunties and uncles find you a little plumpy, your self esteem is going to turn zero and your confidence level is going to go down like a falling elevator. Mine was crushed into pieces, I was ashamed and thought I wasn’t normal. I joined facebook and sometimes the comment section used to be terrifying. I was asked to go on a diet, I was fat shamed. But one day I taught myself some amazing things.

  1. Do not let anyone belittle you, stand up and tell them it is none of their business, even, if they are your own people. Because you don’t deserve it. None of us do.
  2. Love yourself for who you are, your body is beautiful.
  3. Eat that extra plate, go eat that cuisine you always wanted to try, wear that swimsuit, wear that little skirt, wear that short, wear that flashy tee you wanted to flaunt. Do not hide yourself. You are an amazing human being and you deserve love and happiness.
  4. Get rid of people who constantly hurt your feelings, you don’t deserve such people. We have just one life and I don’t think wasting it on negativity and negative people is a good idea. Live your life. Place no limits.
  5. Whatever your size is, you are amazing and you are not alone. Do not give up. Do not punish yourself.
  6. Eat well, take care of yourself, take care of your skin, take care of your mental health, seek help and talk to people. Do whatever that makes you happy. Be you. Don’t let the society tell you how you should be. You are an individual, you are unique. Treat your body like a temple.

I am not promoting obesity. I want to spread some love to people who are finding it hard to love themselves, I want them to accept and let them know they’re not fighting alone. I do not want them to give up. I want them to face this world with confidence and love for themselves, because they deserve it.


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