About Me!

Hey there lovely visitor!

I’m Shrijeeta, the little woman behind the Prettyoats. I help lovely peeps like YOU with Skincare, Fashion, Makeup and Self love tips! 🙂

Why I started Blogging?!

Well, It is a long story, I was a really shy kid with very few friends, I experienced issues like body shaming and depression! Then I dealt with a lot of skin issues like acne, scars and pigmentation! Pheww! it was a tough time!

I started healing myself, I read books about self love, beauty, skincare and health. I practiced them. It was hard, but I fell in love with my body. All I needed was Love. I gave my life a 360 degree turn! It didn’t happen overnight, it took time, a lot of it!

So, I decided to help and share the love! I started writing to help all you lovely beings out there! I want you to Grow and leave all the dark days behind with me!

Let’s help each other learn and share the goodness! 🙂

Let’s lift each other up.